The Tering Landscape Preserve was established in 1999 to protect the mosaic wildlife landscape and to ensure the protection of peculiar plant communities. The landscape reserve encompasses 264 ha and is located near the Latvian border in the village of Lilli in the southernmost part of the Karksi municipality. The forest adjacent to the border of Latvia creates an impression of genuine wild forests: on the forest floor there are decaying, moss-covered strains and half-broken trees, which give nesting habitats to birds.
Towering bog islands split it south and north. The winter road to Lotuse farm used to meander along those islands. According to the legend, the bog island situated to the west from the winter road was used as an escape place on the 12th to 14th century, which was accessible using a secret road made of oak trunks.

The Tering hiking trail forms a 4.5 km long circular boardwalk. The beginning of the hiking trail is 1.5 km from the center of Lilli village. Before going to the hiking trail, you can explore the hiking scheme (1).
The car park, campfire, shelter and toilets allow the group to feel comfortable. There are plenty of information on the hiking road about the vegetation, fauna and birds.

Walking on the boardwalk you can meet nature sights like stunted bog pines ( 2 ), forest bogs ( 3 ), natural oddities ( 4 ), bog pools ( 5 ), primeval looking natural forest ( 6 ), mixed forest ( 7 ), spruce forests ( 8 ), birch forests ( 9 ), pine forests ( 10 ) and diverse plant life.
What can you on your own?
The numbers indicate the location on the hiking map

  • Tie a wishbraid in the locks of the juniper maiden ( 11 )
  • Take part of the rich varieties of black currant, blueberry, lingonberry and cranberry bounties ( 13 )
  • Learn to determine the age of a tree based on their bark ( 14 )
  • Observe the diet and hygiene of boars ( 15 )
  • Get acquainted with the history of the border nations in the tipi ( 16 )
  • Be surprised how the insectivorous sundew dines ( 17 )
  • Dive into the dark Alats Lake and float on the peat surface ( 18 )
  • Take a peek at the dealings of the beaver family ( 19 )
  • Discover the tricks of vanapagan (Estonian version of the devil) ( 20 )
  • Get an idea of old timey peat production ( 21 )