We are located in southern Estonia, and the highlands here offer a number of opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. To the south of the 15 km is the Tering Bog, which offers hiking trails in two different lengths: 3 km and 5 km. The dot on the i is the naturally stunning bog lake that captures the eye. There is also the Lilli Nature House, which always welcomes guests. The border with Latvia is only 15 km from us, why not take advantage of the opportunity to go to Latvia and see the dealings and life of Latvians.

Karksi-Nuia is situated in a naturally beautiful place, here on the Sakala highland there is also its highest peak - Rutu Hill (146m). At the edge of the ancient valley there are also the ancient ruins of the Karksi Order Castle on which the Peetri Church with its semi-crooked tower was established.

A half hour drive away, there is also the county center - Viljandi, known for its boat man legend, castle ruins, and the Folk Summer Festival. Our location is beneficial to our guests in every way: Viljandi - 34 km, Pärnu - 77 km, Valga - 63 km, Tartu - 100 km, Tallinn 200 km. While hurrying you often dont notice the beautiful nature of Estonia, take your time and relax at Mulgimaa’s Mellin Holiday Center.